Crest have submitted an amendment to their main IQW Housing application. They realise that they cannot build a new housing estate on the HGV access road to Stangate Landfill, so they have generously requested that they build in two phases, the second phase being deferred until after Stangate is reinstated. Phase 2 is 12 houses!! Completely ignoring the fact that about half the remaining estate will be severely impacted by HGV noise and dust.




 AREA 2 PLANNING COMMITTEE 23rd MAY 2012 Officer's Report  : . This hearing was solely to agree the need for a site visit, and whilst Members supported the idea, BGPC felt it crucial that members should be made aware of the history of the site, including the Landfill Access Conditions for Stangate, and the severe contamination.



AREA 2 PLANNING COMMITTEE 23rd MAY 2012   Borough Green Submission 

One of the points made was how could the random distribution of Hassock from Isles and Stangate Quarries in TM/94/155 result in the serious contamination on the Bypass base in the reports below, and yet mysteriously leave the ground at IQW, filled with the same material, pristine and clean.

Members must be absolutely sure in their own minds that Hanson and Crest's assurances of the suitability of this land before they condemn innocent people to living on a time-bomb of toxic waste. Even Crest's own surveys say that utility workers digging trenches must wear protective clothing, excavate spoil must go to a toxic landfill site, and the trench reinstated with imported inert fill.

Apply this test in your own head: " knowing what I do about the site, would I want to live there?"



you don't even need to read further than the first page!!


This is the Geotechnical Report  carried out by URS Scott Wilson.It needs very careful reading, and note the comments at 10.11 and 13.11 that "due to onsite stockpiles contamination could not be assessed". This was material that Hanson's contractors have moved and deliberately dumped in areas that had previously been highlighted in my report as "significantly contaminated". Doesn't strike me as the actions of a "responsible operator".

Assessment of Applicant's  Air Quality Reports  by an Independent Expert
Assessment of Applicant's  URS Scott Wilson Geotech Report , concerns about unknown contamination and instability


Mike Taylor's affidavit  on IQW history, to the LDF Inquiry


Correspondence with KCC Jim Wooldridge  regarding past planning conditions for Isles Quarry and Stangate Quarry


 TM/82/1138 Planning Permission, Haul Road and Stangate controlled waste landfill. Access conditioned via IQW


TM/94/579  Planning Permission, infill and restoration of Stangate, access conditioned via IQW



TM/94/155 Restoration Permission details for IQW qnd IQE, including material from Stangate Quarry, and the formation of the roadbase for the Borough Green Bypass on Celcon land. Access conditioned via Haul Road and IQW.


IQW  Lawful Development Certificates : detailing the existing buildings whose presumed planning approval Hanson want to "trade" for housing permissions

  Below is a very interesting 1960 aerial view of IQW looking North East. You can clearly see IQW workings in the foreground, with IQE the otherside of the black line of Thong Lane. Just to the right of IQE you can see the beginnings of the two massive stockpiles that became colloquially knowns as "Sabrina's T*ts". You can also see the River Bourne wending its way around the workings before meandering off to Basted Mill, it would shortly dissappear from public ken beneath huge hassock spoil heaps.  In the left hand of the picture are Sevenoaks White Brick which became Celcon, and behind that Smith's Sandpit that became Cemex after a few decades as Hall's.

Because our local limestone is mixed with 50% hassock, a friable limestone, enormous heaps of "waste" hassock are already evident, and the situation got steadily worse as production went to 16 hour days in the mid-70's. Production ground to halt when Stangate yield fell below 35%.

 Below that is the LDF sketch of IQW with 60/70's points of interest and contamination noted.