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OLDER IQW submissions from 2011, still relevant, includes BGPC's original 2011 submission, the 20122 Parish Plan, and the LDF Inspector's report


 IQW Officer's Report, a classic bit of "NewSpeak".Crest have dropped 6 houses, and changed the landform in an effort to reduce the clash between residents and the Hornet and Stangate Access, and have closed the Quarry Hill entrance to the housing, just a tiny step towards our wishes, and nowhere near the compromise we seek to achieve. And no mention at all about Air Quality, Sewage and ground contamination.


 Click for Mike's Speech  for BGPC and the People..


Planning Inspectorate Rejection : BGPC wrote to the Inspectorate asking for the application to be called in to an inquiry because of the failures in the application and use of Greenbelt


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BG Parish Council's February 2013 submission to Area 2 Planning
Environment Agency objection February 2013
 KCC Objections February 2013

This objection, and the PC's , led to the new access to development being only via the Haul Rd, with the Quarry Hill roundabout accees being only for Horner and Stangate.

Scott Wilson Geotech Report  Describes the contamination and instability at IQW
 Click for Amended Crest Planning Statement

 Email to Environment Agency and T&M Planning re possible Ightham Flooding 

Picture below is Odhams Factory during the 60's flooding   Flood Map EA