In July 2014, we discovered Crest had begun piling without putting in place the required testing of the RRiver Bourne. There was a high risk that the piles could relase pockets of contamination from the landfill into the River. T&MBC Planning immediately ordered a stop to works.

 Followed by this article in the Kent Messenger on the 1st August

 Then in October 2014, following careful analysis of Crest's Validation Reports, we discovered that they in 2013 they had excavated the contamination in Area 1 without any sampling, and just buried it in Area 3. We finally got the Planners to understand what had been done, and they took Crest to task, discovering in the meantime that the "Clean" imported topsoil on the new gardens was contaminated. Some of that had been consigned to an unmarked burial as well. The Chronicle reported this on October 16th

 And again Chronicle on the 6th November, as Crest finally tackled Garden Contamination.

 And here is the Kent Messenger article of 7th November


We really owe the local press deep thanks for picking up on the story, without them the politicians may not have listened