What your Parish Council Does For You



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 PC MEMBERS A list of Parish Council Elected Menbers, their jobs on the Parish Council, their memberships of outside bodies , and their Registered Interests


Members of the Parish Council available for the public, monthly, on the Saturday before our meetings, which happen on the first Monday .

The one clear ideal we had was to make this Parish Council accountable, with the electorate in control. To that end we changed Standing Orders so the Chairman can be immediately removed by majority vote, the 6 month rule has been revoked, and the public can call a Parish or Community Poll which will be binding on the PC.

The PC steering wheel is in YOUR hands, Folks !!


 SALTBINS How the Parish Council and volunteers purchased, sited and filled saltbins around our village

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    FOOTPATHS. How the Parish Council worked with KCC Public Rights of Way to clear and resurface footpaths within the village. Click the picture for more....

New High St Crossing

Video at http://youtu.be/B2WUFtnikrM


  The PC TEAM ...there are many little places around the village that simply lack a bit of TLC, and we intend to try and make the village that little bit more pleasant with the PC staff and volunteers.


 Picture  is Rob and Barry clearing overgrown hedges by Tolsey Mede.



 The hopes and achievements of the new Parish Council.
   TRANSPARENCY :The Dept for Communities and Local Government have introduced new regulations in a Code of Transparency for Councils with a budget of over £200k pa. Because of the large cost of the Potters Mede Projects, BGPC will have to comply for one year, and this is the start.