STANDARDS COMPLAINT 2. TMBC Press Release [here] and My Right to Reply:

"TMBC have bought themselves into disrepute with their behaviour on Isles Quarry, particularly their failure to address contamination. I was re-elected with one of the highest votes ever recorded in Borough Green and Longmill because I am prepared to stand up and defend our community - this decision just confirms that I will not be gagged, and I will continue to challenge TMBC robustly until they apologise to us."

CATCH 22 - if a Senior Officer at TMBC do wrong, how do we report it without infringing the Standards Code- as soon as an allegation is made, that affects the Officer's reputation, we are automatically guilty, and no-one investigates them!

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A very quick snapshot of the Standards Compaints against me-

Complaint 1 - The biggest single cause for complaints to me in BG is commuter parking, drivers from outside the village taking precious parking space, blocking driveways and emergency access. I wrote this  letter for people to put on offending cars, and one took offence. But I did get the following letter (2) of support from a resident.

Complaint 2 - As a result of everything I have said about Isles Quarry over the years, the Chief Executive and Borough Solicitor threatened me with Standards Complaints and Legal Action. They did not follow it up, so I reported myself, and they appointed an "independent investigator". My main argument is that bullying is an abuse of powere, and as do not have a single shred of authority over them, how can I bully them?

Complaint 3 - The letter (3) I sent to the Planning Inpsectorate is self explanatory, but triggered a third complaint. I repeat that residents had raised concerns with me, making accusations of "Undue Influence", which I believed important for the Planning Inspectorate to know. I have no evidence either way, but as the resident who objected is an Ex Mayor and Leader of the Borough Council, and an Ex Parish Councillor, I could fully understand why people raised those concerns.